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Thanks to innovations in science, what had long been deadly diseases are now, in some cases, becoming manageable conditions and redefining what it means to be a patient. In this issue, you’ll hear from patients overcoming illnesses and 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb employees focused on working for them.

Volume 3 | September 24, 2017

Meredith Hero Image - The Many Faces of the Patient Story

The Many Faces of the Patient

The stories of four survivors reflect how the role of the patient is evolving alongside medical advances.

Edward Halk, principal scientist at 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb
Scientists and Survivors
Two researchers at 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb have firsthand experience with the types of diseases they study.
博彩app软件下载app软件下载-Myers Squibb employees share a moment with patient David G. (second from left).
Patients Are the Purpose
博彩app软件下载app软件下载-Myers Squibb dedicates one week each year to recognize what its employees do every day: focus on patients.
Stanley Krystek, Senior Principal Scientist at 博彩app软件下载app软件下载-Myers Squibb
Patient Focus Defines  Culture, Distinguishes Company
博彩app软件下载app软件下载-Myers Squibb employees explain in their own words what patient focus means to them.

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