Snapshot of 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb 博彩app软件下载

November 08, 2017

hough a small country, with an area just slightly smaller than the state of California, 博彩app软件下载’s role in the international community is significant, as the third largest contributor to the world economy. 

Employees at 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb’s Tokyo office

Employees at 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb’s Tokyo office

At 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb, the 博彩app软件下载ese business is also as significant.

The company’s head office is located in Tokyo, the most populated metropolitan area in the world. Six hundred of 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb 博彩app软件下载’s approximately 1500 employees work in the Tokyo office, located in the Nishi-Shinjuku business district, an area known for its numerous skyscrapers. The company also has a manufacturing facility in Aichi, located 160 miles from Tokyo, and 42 sales offices located nationwide. 

People and “Ikuboss”


In March 2017 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb 博彩app软件下载 joined the “Ikuboss Alliance," a network of 博彩app软件下载ese companies that recognize the need to cultivate a new management style promoting a diverse workforce and a healthy balance between work and family commitments.

“Conventional approaches to management have traditionally been an obstacle to work-life balance, and this has the potential to hurt the company’s growth and competitiveness,” said Fusayoshi Tajima, head of Human Resources for 博彩app软件下载, Korea, and Taiwan. “Learning more 博彩app软件下载app软件 ikuboss has certainly opened my eyes to how I can manage and engage with my team more effectively.”

Teams at 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb 博彩app软件下载 will hold ikuboss awareness workshops to help managers understand how to drive high performing teams while also proactively supporting career development and work-life balance.



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