Setting Sights on Earlier Care and More Personalized Options for Patients: World Arthritis Day 博彩app软件下载

October 04, 博彩app软件下载

heumatoid arthritis, a destructive immune-mediated disease causing chronic pain, stiffness and swelling of joints, can present and behave differently in different individuals. Some people with rheumatoid arthritis have a more highly active form of the disease that can lead to worse outcomes if left untreated or under-treated. Research has shown that these people may test positive for disease-causing autoantibodies (proteins produced by the immune system that are directed to attack one or more of the person’s own proteins) such as anti-citrullinated protein antibody (ACPA) or rheumatoid factor (RF). Knowing that a patient is positive for these biomarkers may be able to give physicians and patients helpful, predictive information right from the start.

博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb joins the global community in educating the public 博彩app软件下载app软件 the symptoms and effects of rheumatoid arthritis this World Arthritis Day, which is recognized every year on October 12.

Since 2017, the “Don’t Delay, Connect Today Campaign” has worked to raise and promote awareness 博彩app软件下载app软件 the symptoms of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases, as well as the importance of gaining early diagnosis and access to care. The Don’t Delay, Connect Today Campaign is a product of the European League Against Rheumatism, EULAR.


博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb is proud to share in these efforts, as well as encourage patients to take action to seek an early, accurate diagnosis – and is working hard today and every day to further research on the role of autoantibodies and personalized treatment.

Check out this fact sheet to learn more 博彩app软件下载app软件 rheumatoid arthritis and 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb’s research commitment.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Fact Sheet



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