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For more information 博彩app软件下载app软件 the features of Pulse, watch the How to Video.

What can you Expect from Pulse?

What can you expect from Pulse?

  • Stay connected and informed 博彩app软件下载app软件 what’s happening around the company and around the world
  • Personalize your channel feeds to receive relevant and useful information tailored to your needs 
  • Connect and interact with your colleagues through inclusive two-way communications 
  • Comment on articles
  • Gain easy access through your PC or mobile device
  • Connect with existing SharePoint sites and other BMS services and resources

All of that and more can be done right here — in one place — from the convenience of your mobile device or your computer.

Real-time updates that matter to you

Get real-time updates on announcements impacting everyone at BMS, messages from our leadership team, the latest business and science news, as well as information 博彩app软件下载app软件 your colleagues from around the world.   

Easy-to-access documents & resources 

Pulse is the place where you can easily access important documents and resources directly from your phone or your computer. Through Pulse you can also access other BMS intranet sites including MyBMS and our White Pages.


Accessing Pulse

Download the “1st Up” to your phone.

Download the “1st Up” to your phone. 1st Up is a platform developed by SocialChorus — the company we are partnering with to bring you Pulse.

Downloading the Pulse app is as easy as 1-2-3!
Choose from one of the following

Download 1st Up to access Pulse

1st Up!

1st Up is available in the App Store or Google Play store. The app is available worldwide. 

If you are in the U.S., you can text BMS to 900900 to download the app.

Open 1st Up and find Pulse

Search by your email address. If that doesn’t work, click Have an org code and enter BMS.

1st Up

Login with your BMS credentials

BMS Login

Enter your Dynamic Security Code

BMS Login

And enable push notifications.

That’s it - You’re in!

Turn on push notifications, check out the available channels, customize your profile, like content and bookmark important information for later! 

Pulse Mobile

No phone? No problem! 

Enjoy the benefits of Pulse without using a mobile device, visit pulse.bms.com to join and use the same steps above to sign up! 

Pulse Desktop

How to get the most out of Pulse

Discover & join channels

Discover & join channels 

Follow channels that align with your interests and role. Select Join on channels to personalize the content in My Feed/Latest. 

Engage with content

Engage with content

View content by clicking or tapping on the content card in your feed. Commenting on a piece of content allows you to have your voice heard, and connect and engage like never before with content in your app. You can return to your feed by selecting the back arrow at the top of the card. 

Bookmark content for later

Bookmark content for later 

Bookmark content to read or watch later by clicking the bookmark icon in each content card. You'll see your bookmarked content ordered by bookmark date in the Bookmarks menu under your Profile.  

We're just getting started! 

Over time, Pulse will become more robust with interactive tools and the ability to get personalized items of interest from around the company.  New features will be added as we continue to enhance the Pulse experience.  Stay tuned!

Have any questions? 

Check out the FAQ section for all the answers to your questions. 



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