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Ho Sung Cho, Senior Vice President, Discovery Biotherapeutics

Ho Sung Cho, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Discovery Biotherapeutics

San Diego, CA


Ho Sung Cho, Ph.D. serves as senior vice president of Discovery Biotherapeutics. With a career spanning nearly three decades, Ho leads a team of highly talented researchers bringing forward novel protein and antibody-based therapies with the potential to treat disease. The Discovery Biotherapeutics group is responsible for discovering and optimizing complex recombinant DNA-based molecules to optimize the efficacy and safety of a potential therapy.   


“We want to create new medicines that can really transform the ability of patients to prevail over their specific disease,” he said. “And at the same time, it’s important to continue to generate new scientific knowledge that can help create future medicines. Both parts are important in helping us achieve our mission for patients.” 


Ho and his team collaborate closely with colleagues across the company, applying learnings to most efficiently identify potential new therapies across disease areas, from oncology to immunology.  


“At BMS, there’s a tremendous amount of know-how and capabilities, and teams have all of these resources at their disposal to drive scientific discoveries. It’s really key in helping us advance novel therapies and concepts,” he said.  


Prior to joining 博彩app软件下载 Myers Squibb by way of Celgene in 2014, he spent time at biotech companies across California, such as Exelixis, Xencor and Ambrx. Prior to joining the industry, he was a staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, where he worked on the Structural Genomics Project. Ho received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from North Carolina State University and went on to earn his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California Berkeley. 

Interests and Expertise

Being based in the San Diego life sciences hub provides Ho and his colleagues at 博彩app软件下载 Myers Squibb access to some of the brightest minds and industry-leading research institutions, working together at break-neck speed to drive novel discovery.   


For Ho, a passion for helping people extends beyond the realm of the life sciences industry. He and his wife are closely involved with the UK-based nonprofit Inspire Dialogue Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to help facilitate cross-generational and cross-field communication, and to encourage sharing of diverse experiences and perspectives in order to achieve a deeper understanding of our shared humanity.  


Ho is a firm believer in continuous learning. “I like to read broadly and use the opportunity to learn 博彩app软件 fields outside the realm of science. I enjoy learning 博彩app软件 the history of science, philosophy and the latest on management and leadership concepts,” he said.  


However, Ho’s most recent hobby requires a bit of a different approach but remains one he’s keen to master – archery.

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