Featured Researcher - Saurabh 博彩app软件下载

Saurabh 博彩app软件下载, M.D., Ph.D.

Saurabh 博彩app软件下载, M.D., Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Translational Medicine

Cambridge, MA


Based in Cambridge, Mass., Saurabh 博彩app软件下载, M.D., Ph.D. is senior vice president of translational medicine at 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb. In his role, Saurabh leads the world-class researchers that make up 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb’s translational medicine organization, spanning translational sciences, precision medicine, translational development disease teams and integrated scientific operations, across oncology, fibrosis, cardiovascular, neuroscience and immunology therapeutic areas.


This innovative group aims to integrate scientific understanding into portfolio decision-making and enable and expedite the discovery and development of new medicines for patients. Saurabh’s team uses emerging technologies to analyze vast amounts of data and gather essential insights, with the goal of uncovering life-changing treatments for some of the most challenging diseases facing patients.


Saurabh has more than 15 years of experience working across the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. Prior to joining 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb, he served as a venture partner at Atlas Venture, where he held leadership positions across many of its portfolio companies, including chief medical officer of Synlogic and chief executive officer of Delinia. Saurabh established the translational research and development organization BioMed Valley Discoveries in 2008, where he worked to develop and demonstrate human effectiveness of novel cancer treatments. Saurabh has also worked in McKinsey and Company’s pharmaceutical division and as director and head of the New Indications Discovery Unit at Novartis.


He holds an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the California Institute of Technology. He has graduate degrees in biophysics from Oxford and in general management from Harvard Business School. He also earned both his M.D. and a Ph.D. in cancer genetics from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.


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Interests and Expertise

At 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb, Saurabh and the translational medicine team pull data back into the organization to better understand disease biology and identify patient populations most likely to derive benefit from a particular therapy or approach.


Saurabh hopes that the decisions and progress being made today will continue to have a significant impact in the years to come, creating lasting effects not just for 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb, but across the industry.


“Throughout my career I have had a passion for developing translational research strategies across disease areas,” said 博彩app软件下载. “At 博彩app软件下载app软件下载 Myers Squibb, we’re able to leverage an industry-leading pipeline in a way that pushes the boundaries, with the intention to rapidly deliver innovative medicines to patients with even greater precision."



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